Mary & The New Age Movement

Mary & The New Age Movement

From the Christian perspective, there are only two spiritual forces at work in the world—good and evil. When a New Age practitioner invokes blessings from a spirit guide, that person is either interacting with God, his angels or saints, or is dealing with fallen angels, known as demons.

Because the vast majority of the New Age movement is focused on the worship of the feminine goddess, many fallen angels have been imitating the Blessed Mother. By doing so, these demonic entities are able to divert healthy devotions away from Mary, and place it on themselves.

Not only do thousands of New Age practitioners flock to apparition sites seeking an encounter with the Virgin Goddess, but Marian worship, including the Rosary, is widely accepted and promoted within the New Age movement. For example, on one popular metaphysical site, a spiritual entity who has identified herself as Mary, made the following statement:

“I was known then as Mary, the mother of Jesus. And after that lifetime as Mary, I did indeed win my permanent ascension to the spiritual realm. Thus, I am today an ascended being, and I have chosen to remain with Earth in order to serve as a teacher, as a guardian, as a guide for you and those of your brothers and sisters who have not yet escaped the human prison.

“Since my ascension I have not stood still. I have risen higher in the ranks here in Heaven, for truly, as Jesus said, ‘In my Father's house are many mansions.’ There are levels of attainment even in the Heaven world, and since my ascension I have attained a greater understanding, internalization and oneness with the consciousness and Being of the Mother aspect of God. And thus I am today the representative of the Divine Mother for planet Earth.”1

According to this website, this spiritual entity has been advising her followers to pray the Rosary for the following reasons: “It benefits you personally and it benefits the planet. Giving a rosary invokes spiritual energy, or light, that streams through your consciousness as you are saying the words. The energy is directed into the specific conditions—in your own psyche and situation and in the collective consciousness and world affairs—where it begins to consume all opposition to the highest potential for every situation.”2

There are more than thirty different New Age Rosaries listed on this site to help people with a variety of problems. For example, one Rosary is designed to bless the earth and prevent earthquakes. Mary describes this Rosary as follows:

“I desire to bring you another tool that can be the very stopgap measure that will help the Earth rise without cracking. That tool is the Miracle Rosary that I am releasing today through this messenger. I encourage all those, who have ears to hear, to use this rosary, if possible on a daily basis.

“If only a few people would use this tool diligently and consistently, I can assure you that the potential for massive earthquakes in the year 2004 can be greatly mitigated. In fact, if a critical mass of people were to embrace this rosary, the Earth’s crust could be liquefied, so that hardly any earthquakes would reach the surface and cause it to crack, thereby causing devastation and loss of life.”3

The prayers of the Miracle Rosary read as follows:4

Lord’s Prayer
Our Father-Mother God who is within all life,
We honor your Presence, the I AM, within us.
We accept your kingdom manifest on Earth through us.
We accept our responsibility to manifest your will on Earth,
as it is manifest in Heaven...

Hail Mary
Hail Mary, one with Grace,
the Lord is with us through you.
Blessed are we by your miracle Grace,
and by the miracle love of your son, Jesus.

Holy Mary, Mother of Miracles,
we surrender our fears, now and forever.
We accept God’s unconditional love,
and see the Miracle Kingdom manifest on Earth.

Sealing of the Rosary
I accept the infinite peace of the Divine Mother.
I choose to abide in that peace always, and I accept the perfect love of the Divine Mother. I accept that her love consumes all my fears. I accept that I am the Living Christ in embodiment, and I vow to be all that I am in God and more.


List of New Age Rosaries


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